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Every morning I’ll sit down in my bathrobe, coffee and Jack Daniels (aka ‘wakemeup’) in hand and personally read all your letters.

Want me to let you in on a secret? Instead of filing out this whole form, you can also just send it via, but don’t tell anyone!

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Please visit Mitch on Instagram! Help him realize his childhood dream of having so many followers that he’s officially an ‘Influencer’!

At Threadless you can get just about ANYTHING with Mitch’s designs on ‘em, from clothing to bed sheets. Order today to become one of the cool kids!

Check out Mitch’s Facebook page where he posts nonsense a dozen times a day in order to avoid working!

Etsy is THE place to get Mitch’s signed books and screenprints! Decorate your bookshelves and walls with weirdness!

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